Respect in Sports is a mandatory program for all coaches in the Baseball Alberta 'AAA', 'AA' and 'A' Leagues.  The Respect in Sports program is designed to give coaches better tools in performing their duties while protecting players from potential liability issues involving harassment, abuse and bullying.



  •  All Baseball Canada Rules apply.  See the Grey section in the rulebook for rules regarding a specific division.
  • Note to Umpires:  The ONLY deviation from these rules is if both coaches agree, prior to game time, to abide by Baseball Canada rules which may differ from DCMB House League Rules.  In starting such it is the home team coach’s responsibility to inform spectators of the specific deviation(s).


  •  Playing Field Dimension and Equipment:  See the Baseball Canada Rules book.  Grey section.
    • The Defensive team may field no more than 9 players
  • Starting and ending a game:  See the Baseball Canada Rule book.  Grey section.
    • Warm ups:
    • Umpire Conference @ Home Plate:  5 minutes prior to start of game.
    • Game Star:  6:00 p.m. (18:00 hrs). The home team determines if the game starts.
    • Game Ends:  No new inning starts after 8:00 p.m. (20:00 hrs) in May and 8:15 p.m. (20:15) in June, unless agreed to by both teams.  The umpire is the only person who can end the game early.  Games may end in a tie.
    • Games will last no more than 6 innings for Mosquito and no more than 7 innings for all other divisions.
  • Batter:  See the Baseball Canada Rule book.  Grey section.
    • All players on a registered house league team and on the lineup will bat.
    • Players arriving late will be added to the end of the lineup.  It is the coach’s responsibility to notify the other team and the scorekeeper of additions to the lineup.
  •  Runners:  See the Baseball Canada Rule book.  Grey section.
    • Runners will be allowed to steal all bases.
    • In Mosquito Division there are no lead-offs.
  •  Pitching:  See the Baseball Canada Rule book.  Grey section.
    • Pitching Counts will be kept and strictly enforced.
    • A player may not play catcher and pitcher in the same game (unless approved by both coaches before the game)
  •  Defensive Play
    • A player may not sit for more than 2 consecutive defensive innings (unless for discipline reasons)
  • Scoring:
    • The home team is the official scorer for all games.
    • No team may score more than 5 runs in any inning.
    • The official scorer will notify the home plate umpire once either 5 runs have been scored or all players have batted in an inning, regardless of the number of runs scored.
    • The last inning will be an “open” inning.  Teams may score more than 5 runs.

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