Junior Rookie General Information

Division Coordinator, Anndra Graff-mgraff@telus.net

All Junior Rookie players will be starting on Monday, May 4th, weather permitting at 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Frank Ross field.

Helmets are required by all players.

Bats – if you bring your own personal bat, be prepared for others to use it. It is hard for us to control the use of bats. If you do not want others using it, then please leave at home.

Talk about safety:

Bats - do not swing unless you are in the circle or in the batters box

Balls - do not throw the ball unless you call the persons name and they are watching

Running - only run when your coach tells you to

Helmets - every person must have a helmet when they are batting or they can not bat. Helmets cannot be shared due to health concerns

Clothing - must wear comfortable clothing. Must wear runners (no sandals) or baseball shoes


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